Night-time epileptic seizure detector

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What is SeizSafe

SeizSafe is a system that monitors the sleep of people who suffer epileptic seizures so that their caregivers can take care of them also at night, improving the safety of those affected and the quality of life of both.

SeizSafe system consists of a device which is installed in the bed of the affected person and monitors its movements, a camera that records the seizures and an app that warns caregivers and allows the access to the historical record.


Epileptic seizures involve certain risks that can be mitigated with appropriate assistance to the affected people at the moment they are produced. During the day, people who suffer epileptic seizures are usually well attended, but during the night it is difficult to watch over and assist them.

SeizSafe improves the quality of life of both affected people and their caregivers, providing greater security, better rest, and more independence and privacy. In addition, SeizSafe collects all data and video of the attacks and stores them in a cloud platform for analysis.


It reduces the risks that generalized seizures involved through its immediate detection and warning to caregivers.


Affected people and their caregivers can sleep in separate bedrooms, keeping their personal space.

Sleep quality

Caregivers can rest more peacefully by not having to be aware of the affected person throughout the night.

Help for doctors

Provides doctors a patient monitoring tool for diagnosis and more tailored treatments.


Users decide whether they want to contribute to create a base of anonymous information for research.


SeizSafe is valid for people of any age, as well as for domestic and clinical environments.

Operation and installation

The motion sensor is placed on the mattress, under the sheets in a zone where it does not bother, and it is connected to the detection unit.

The detection unit monitors all the movements of the affected person and identifies epileptic seizures to warn the caregiver as soon as possible.

The camera includes a support that can be placed on different surfaces to be able to capture in the plane the most part of the bed.

The mobile app allows to receive alerts when a seizure occurs, to configure the system and to access all the registered information.

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The company behind the development of SeizSafe is Encore Lab, a corporation devoted to the development of electronic devices, embedded systems and IoT applications.

Encore Lab pursues innovation in each of its projects, developing cutting-edge products that introduce the technology in everyday environments, giving solution to problems that arise from common situations and which are assumed as inevitable even if they are not.

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We are looking for volunteers to test SeizSafe at home. You can contribute to make SeizSafe an even better product, your opinion is very important!


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