Would you like to participate in the SeizSafe project?

We are looking for volunteers to try SeizSafe at home. If you meet the requirements and you want to contribute to the fight against epilepsy, your collaboration is important. Thanks to the collected data we can help in the investigation of epilepsy, improving its treatments and pharmacology. Contact us nown

What is SeizSafe

SeizSafe is a system that detects the epileptic seizures taking place while sleeping and alerts the caregivers so that they can assist affected persons as soon as possible. It consists of a non-invasive device that is placed in the bed of affected people and sends alerts to the smartphone of the caregivers.

SeizSafe also allows sharing all the information and videos captured with doctors so they can diagnose more precisely and prescribe more effective treatments.

Why is it necessary

Epileptic seizures imply certain risks that can be mitigated by aiding the affected people properly when a crisis occurs. People suffering epileptic seizures are usually well assisted during the daytime but at night it is complicated to watch and aid them.

Relatives usually sleep in the same room as affected people trying to detect when a seizure occurs. Nonetheless this reduces the intimacy, increases the feeling of dependence, worsens the sleep quality and most important: it is not very effective. In other scenarios like clinical environments it is not even feasible that caregivers stay the whole night with each affected person.

Benefits of the system

SeizSafe's main goal is to improve the quality of life of persons suffering epileptic seizures while they sleep, as well as help them to be assisted every time they need it. These are its main advantages:


Reduces the risks derived from generalized seizures by immediate detecting them and alerting caregivers.


Affected people and caregivers can sleep in different rooms and keep their personal space.

Quality of sleep

Caregivers can rest peacefully since they do not have to be watching affected people the whole night.

Help for doctors

Gives doctors a monitoring tool for patients so they can make better diagnosis and prescribe more adapted treatments.


Users decide if they contribute to an anonymous base of knowledge for investigation purposes.


SeizSafe is suitable for persons of any age as well as for domestic and clinical environments.

Would you like to collaborate with the SeizSafe project?

We are looking for volunteers to try SeizSafe at home. If you meet the requirements and want to contribute in the fight against epilepsy, your collaboration is important. With the data collected we help the epilepsy research improving its treatments and pharmacology.

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How does it work SeizSafe?

Movement sensors

SeizSafe's high sensibility sensors can detect even the slightest movement. They are placed on the mattress of the affected people so they are not intrusive.

SeizSafe Sensor

SeizSafe device

It is the core of the system. Analyzes the data gathered from the sensors in real time, records the seizures in video and sends alerts to the mobile device of the caregivers.

SeizSafe Control Unit

Mobile application

SeizSafe device is controlled through a simple application for mobile devices — smartphones or tablets. The app also wallows to receive alerts in case of seizure.

SeizSafe Mobile App

About us

The organization behind the development of SeizSafe is Encore Lab, a company focused on the development of electronic devices, embedded systems and IoT applications.

Encore Lab chases the innovation in each project by developing vanguard products which apply the technology in quotidian environments and solve problems that arise in ordinary situations and that are assumed as unavoidable.

SeizSafe team

These are the people that compose the development team of SeizSafe:

León Arnedo

PhD in Electronics

Sonia Belmonte

Electronics Engineer

Carlos Acedo

Computer Engineer

Víctor Najarro

Electronics Engineer

Iván Pérez

Computer Engineer

Diego Polo

Electronics Engineer

Maria Ana Pérez

Telecom Engineer

Stefan Petrov

Mechanical Engineer

Pablo Oria

Graphic Designer

María Pérez

B.Sc. in Business Administration


If you are interested in SeizSafe and you want to get further information you can contact us through the form below. We will be pleased to help you.